Kinds of Adjective

1- Adjective of quality:
It adds to the meaning of a noun.
Good boy, clean room, big city, sharp pencil etc.

2- Adjective of quantity:
It shows quantity which can not be counted.
some, enough, all, a little, much etc.

3- Adjective of number:
It shows number which can be counted.
One, two, three---? Cardinal Numbers
1st, 2nd, 3rd------? Ordinal Numbers
Each, every, either----? Indefinite and Distributive Adjectives

4- Proper Adjective:
It has been derived from Proper Noun.
Pakistani, Eastern, English etc

Rules for adjective:

1- Quality may be any merit or demerit also. It doesn’t mean that it is good property only. Purpose is to enhance and stress on meaning of noun.
2- Colors names are also adjectives.
3- It is used before a noun or pronoun.
4- If some adjective is used without any noun or pronoun, then it will be considered as plural e.g. The brave are admired.


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