C.V (Curriculum Vitae)

C.V and resume are used in the same sense. However they are slightly different from each other on some grounds. C.V contains our Personal Details, Contact Details, Educational Background etc but Resume shows history of your Experiences, Professional Objectives and work details. Here are Formats of both so that you may be able to distinguish them and get idea how to create your own C.V and Resume because it is essential for any job interview and well-prepared C.V leaves a better impact upon the reader.

Format of C.V

1- Contact Details:
Phone Number
E-mail Address etc.

2- Objectives:
Career Objectives
Aim in Life
Professional Interest etc

3- Qualification:
Educational Details
Diploma etc

4- Achievements:
Any Thesis or Research Paper during study
Any Training if you have got
Unique Features etc

5- Experiences:
Teaching experience
Any Work Experience with
Company Name
Date of Joining
End Date etc

6- Interests & activities:
Hobbies in Leisure Time
Interests and Activities you take part most often.

7- References:
References are written upon request but this is once mentioned in C.V.


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