Kinds of Sentence

Now when you have come to know about sentence and its structure, let us see, of how many types a sentence may be. This is because Sentence-Structure depends upon kind of Sentence.
Followings are the basic kinds of a sentence. These are eight:
1- Simple/Positive
2- Negative
3- Interrogative
4- Imperative
5- Exclamatory
6- Conditional
7- Optative
8- Assertive

1- Simple/Positive Sentence:
It is a simple sentence and follows a basic sentence-structure)
I go to school.
They play game.

2- Negative Sentence:
Negative sentence is the one in which there’s some kind of negation (We use “Not” for that)
I do not go to school.
He does not like this game.

3- Interrogative Sentence:
Interrogative sentence consists of some question. There are three signs of an Interrogative Sentence i.e.
1- In the start of a sentence, Question Word is used e.g. Who, What, When, Where, Why etc
Who are you?
When will he come?
2- In the start of a sentence, some Helping Verb (Which helps the main verb e.g. is, are, am, was, were, will, shall, has, have, had, can, may, should, would, ought, might, be, been, could, do, did) is used e.g. Do you go to school?
3- Question Mark must be used at the end of Interrogative Sentence that is “?”

4- Imperative sentence:
There can be some request, order, advice or prohibition (To forbid) in this sentence. There is no Subject in this sentence.
Go to your room.
Please sit down.
Work hard.
Don’t make a noise.

5- Optative Sentence:
There can be some wish or prayer in this sentence.
May you live long!
Have a nice day!

6- Exclamatory Sentence:
There can be some exclamation of joy, sorrow, fear, wonder, anger etc.
Exclamation Mark is must to use at the end of this sentence.
Alas! My brother has died.
Wow! How charming this scene is!”
Aha! The weather is fine.
Pooh! There is so smell.
Ouch! I have pain in foot.

7- Conditional Sentence:
There is some kind of condition in this sentence.
If you go to Lahore, say my salam to all.
Unless you work hard, you will not succeed.
Had I made a promise, I would have kept it.

8- Assertive Sentence:
Simple sentence followed by “That” to get joined with the other sentence.
(It can be any simple sentence of Indirect Speech)
He said that he was ill.

Now we will move on to the Tenses so that you might be able to form sentences on your own.


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