Kinds of Noun:

1- Common Noun:
It is any common name, ordinary name of person, place or thing.
Boy, city, girl, fan, book etc

2- Proper Noun:
It is any particular or specific name.
Ali, Lahore, Pakistan, March etc

3- Abstract Noun:
It is name of any quality, state or action.
Honesty, bravery, poverty, theft etc

4- Material Noun:
Material things out of which other things are made are material noun.
Gold, silver, steel, stone, cotton

5- Collective Noun:
It is name of some group or collection.
Family, class, army, people etc
Some of these names are used with additional words e.g. pile, bundle, number, set, items, crowd, team etc.

6- Countable Noun:
It is noun that can be counted.
Two girls, one book, both etc.

7- Uncountable Noun:
It is noun which can not be counted.
a little milk, a few books, much water etc.

Rules for Nouns:
1- First letter of Proper nouns will always be capital.
2- Collective nouns are sometimes used in singular sense.
3- Articles (a, an, the) are not used with material noun and they have no plural form.
4- “The” is not used before Proper noun.
5- “The” is used before Common noun to make it specific or to mention some name used before e.g. The book is on the table. Here “the book” means the same book which is on the table, not any other ordinary book and “the table” means the same table on which book is there not any other ordinary table.


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