Role of Vocabulary

Today vocabulary has got much importance and it has vital role in improvement of your English Language Skills. Even when you apply for some interview or test, there is a specific section for checking your vocabulary grip.

How to Improve Vocabulary:
Followings are some ways to improve your vocabulary in an easy and enjoyable way:

1- Download Dictionary, Listen News etc:
As told earlier, u can download some dictionary and learn vocabulary words, listen to the English News, some audio, read English newspaper etc.

2- Pass Some Vocabulary Test Online:
There are many websites which give you a chance to check your vocabulary by passing their MCQs test e.g. Once you get good points in test, you can get good job there. This is very handy if you make it your habit to pass one test daily.

3- “Scrabble” Game to Improve Vocabulary:
There are many games which can assist you in improving your vocabulary for example “Scrabble” is very interesting game in which you have to make words in English from every side i.e. right, left, up, down but not diagonally and you get points against every word you make. Not only you can learn a lot through it but also you enjoy playing it. Especially kids should be given a chance to play this game. It is very helpful in their self learning.

4- Word to Word Game:
Same as “Word to Word” is a game which starts from a word, then the other person tells a word from the letter on which the first person letter ends and then it goes on from player to player. Hence, you build your vocabulary rapidly in an interesting and effective manner.

5- Jumbled Spellings Game:
There is another concerning game called “Jumbled Spellings”. You type some vocabulary word (May be some country, city, vegetable, fruit name etc) and the other player has to re-order this word and guess what exactly the word is.

6- One Word Substitutes:
The suggestion to improve vocabulary is to learn One Word Substitutes. You can find a list of them in some course book. Daily think of a word and its five substitutes at least for example “Happy” has substitutes as Joyous, Glad, Pleased, Festive, Gay, Merry, Jolly etc.

Here we provide you substitutes of some simple sentences with good vocabulary, you have to use in your day to day life including salutations and compliments.

1- Don’t Disturb Me:
1- Please don’t interrupt
2- Stop bothering me
3- Don’t be such a nuisance
4- Don’t pester me

2- Be Patient:
1- Calm down
2- Don’t get in an uproar
3- Hold on
4- Don’t sweat it

3- Hurry Up:
1- Can you please rush this?
2- Would you mind working a little faster?
3- Be quick about it
4- Let’s get moving


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